Business Women

Happy National Business Woman Day everyone! We are so blessed to have the women that we do on our team. They are hard workers and eager to serve. Thank you ladies for the work you do for us!

We Deliver!

We Deliver.png

We know how hard it is to get up on rainy days! But you’re in luck! We have an awesome delivery guy who is willing to come to you at a small charge. Call 580-332-3353 to get our delivery options.

Showerless Shower


Hope everyone is having a good Monday!! Here at Equip Care we have patients that are not able to safely shower. We offer a variety of products for these patients including the products featured above. Contact us for more information!!

Sleep Comfort

Are you ever tired during the day from the lack of sleep you get from discomfort? A bad night’s rest can make you tired for the whole week! A solution to this problem simply be a good pillow. Check out this one we have at Equip Care!!

Everyone have a good week!!

National Tell a Joke Day

Yesterday was National Tell a Joke & here is ours! So clever huh? What is your favorite joke?

Come to Equip Care for all your gauze, wrap, and bandage needs!!

Fashion Statement

Who says you can’t roll in style? Check out how cute this walker seat cover is! We are loving it. & guess what?? We have more options to choose from! Even options available for men. Change up your regular basic walker & jazz it up some! Or, this is a perfect gift option for your loved one! Come by & check out all of our options here at Equip Care!

Back Support


Did you know about 80% of adults experience back pain? This back pain can be prevented or reduced with back support! This lumbar cushion is one of the more commonly used supports for your back. You can use it at work, home, in the car, plane, or even bring to to ball games!

Come by and check it out at Equip Care! Open Monday – Friday, 8a.m. – 5p.m.