It looks like an aquarium in here!

I hear that spring colds are the worst!

How about fall colds or winter colds?

If you ask me any colds are the worst!

Sadie and I both had “spring colds” within the last couple of weeks. Just the typical runny nose, headache and a cough came with this one. This cold seemed to settle in our chests and we seemed to hold onto this cough a little longer than normal. I took her to her doctor and they didn’t recommend a nebulizer this time for her but which I was thankful for. However, if we did have to be prescribed a nebulizer. These are the cutest nebulizers we have gotten in!! Turtles and the fish that looks like Nimo are adorable! Makes the whole process a little less bothersome.

Hope your spring is cold free!


Quad Canes and Single Point Canes

Several years ago we had a precious WWII veteran that would frequent our store.  He was a go getter! He got up every morning and went and sat with his wife at the nursing home where she laid quietly.  She never acknowledged he was there due to her Alzheimer disease but that never stopped him from going and sitting by her side and talking to her.  He would talk to the staff and talk to the visitors as they came in and out.  Everyone knew him! He walked with a cane that he bought from our store.  It had American Flags on it and he walked with it proudly!  He always had people stopping and talking to him about his cane. He probably bought 20 of those American Flag canes and gave them out to his friends that needed them.  We miss him and I always think of him when I see an American Flag can today.

We keep Quad canes and Single Point Canes in stock.  They both have good practical uses that can benefit you.

Quad Canes are good for helping you feel like you have a little more stability.  It has a wider base and four little feet.  It stands up on it’s own when you are sitting in a chair or resting between walks.

Single Point Canes give you something to assist with your walking.  It helps when ambulating over rough surfaces and your gait needs some assistance, the cane is perfect for that extra help.

The quad canes usually have 2 choices of base sizes to choose from and come in a few standard colors like bronze, silver or chrome and black.  They have soft cushioned handles for comfort as well.  They can be height adjusted for the proper fitting for you the patient.

The cane designs are just fun! We have a variety of canes you can choose from.  It is a great way to display your personality through your cane.  They have soft foam handles, they have hard plastic handles, and also wooded shepard hook handles. There are several accessories that can be attached for convenience.   Like a wrist loop so you don’t drop it or lose it.  A cane holder that will clip onto a wheelchair. They are all height adjustable but we have wooden ones that can be cut to size.

Hope that helps give you a sample of the difference in the two canes.

Est. 2000

Equip Care got a new sign for our showroom in March!

Est. 2000 !  Is that right?  Is that possible that we have been taking care of people’s medical equipment needs for that long?

It just seems like yesterday when we started out of a room in our barn house.  We called it the “Equip Care Room”!  We had bought just a few pieces of equipment to have “in stock”.

2000 was a good year!

Lumin Sanitizer

IMG_E79163A5C9AB-1.jpegHow cool is this? This Lumin sanitizer allows you to clean everyday objects anytime! Come in stores to check it out!

Flu Survival Kit

How cool are these flu survival kits? Becca created these & I think they are a perfect gift. Also including a chicken noodle soup recipe!!

Business Women

Happy National Business Woman Day everyone! We are so blessed to have the women that we do on our team. They are hard workers and eager to serve. Thank you ladies for the work you do for us!

We Deliver!

We Deliver.png

We know how hard it is to get up on rainy days! But you’re in luck! We have an awesome delivery guy who is willing to come to you at a small charge. Call 580-332-3353 to get our delivery options.