Indentity cured !

  The Van!  The Van!  The Van!!  It has an identity and a purpose!!!

I think it is really happy!

If it could sit under that shade tree and drink some sweet tea, I think it would…

for a while anyway until the call comes in…

the call to DELIVER!!!  Then it’s purpose and destiny would come full force and demand to be used!  It would say, “Let’s go delivery something”!!

New Van!!!

Here is the van before….sad I know.  No words to identify who it is or where it wants to go.  It’s begging for a purpose!  It’s going to the shop to get an identity.  No more identity crisis for OUR van!  Just wait to see!

We are back!!

I have been wanting to update this and keep up with it better to keep customers better informed of what is going on here at Equip Care.  Today is FRIDAY whoot whoot and the staff has worked hard this week and is ready for the weekend!!!  So Monday beware, I will keep you better posted of the updates going on!

Jobst certified fitter !

Did you say you needed some compression knee highs, but don’t know what size you need?  Oh you needed knee high 20-30mph compression?  We’ve got it and we have someone that can fit you as well.  Megan attended a workshop in Oklahoma City this month and came back with lots of valuable information regarding compression stockings and how they can help!

Megan our certified fitter

Don’t you just love organization ???

The staff keeps counting one by one, hooray hooray!

 the staff keeps counting one by one, hooray, hooray!

 the staff keeps counting one by one and it all gets counted and we are done, hooray, hooray!

…remember that song?  I think it had ants marching one by one though.  However it goes, that song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day !! hooray, hooray !

The AFTER picture !!

Spring Cleaning full force ahead !!


We are in full force of Spring Cleaning, here at Equip Care Medical Equipment !  Actually we are doing inventory but it sounds alot more fun to call it “Spring Cleaning”.  How did this hallway become the “storageway” ?  Not anymore !