Sleep Comfort

Are you ever tired during the day from the lack of sleep you get from discomfort? A bad night’s rest can make you tired for the whole week! A solution to this problem simply be a good pillow. Check out this one we have at Equip Care!!

Everyone have a good week!!

National Tell a Joke Day

Yesterday was National Tell a Joke & here is ours! So clever huh? What is your favorite joke?

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Fashion Statement

Who says you can’t roll in style? Check out how cute this walker seat cover is! We are loving it. & guess what?? We have more options to choose from! Even options available for men. Change up your regular basic walker & jazz it up some! Or, this is a perfect gift option for your loved one! Come by & check out all of our options here at Equip Care!

August 1st.

Hard to believe August is upon us. Who else thinks 2018 has flown by so fast already?

Here at Equip Care we take pride in the care we have for our patients, and we want to encourage all of you to show that care and love as well. Now that summer is winding down to a close, we want to encourage you all to slow down your everyday lives and spend some quality time with the people around you. For instance, school is starting in a couple weeks so maybe you should focus more time on your kids or grandkids during this time. Or maybe this looks like a weekend getaway with some friends! Whatever it is for you, take the time to slow down and do it so we can look back at the years in contentment rather than questioning where the time has gone.

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Kid’s Nebulizers


Check this out! Here at Equip Care we serve all ages. One if our most fun products to give our younger clients is our nebulizers simply because they get to pick from such a wide selection of themes. For example, we offer race cars, bunnies, dogs, legos, penguins, and more. This photo is a picture of our delivery tech’s daughter. She is sick at the moment and using one of our nebulizers! Get well soon!



Grab a cup of coffee and get going this Monday. CONQUER this Monday. OWN it.

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Happy July 5th! Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day! I hope we never take for granted this free country. Everyone have a great day!

Wait, what walker?



Do you ever walk into a tire store knowing you need to buy new tires, but you realize almost all the tires for sale look identical? That can be how shopping for walkers can end up going as well. You know you need one, but have absolutely no idea the one you need. This link can help you. It gives you a brief description of the different types of walkers as well as some helpful tips. Come into Equip Care for additional information and help on buying you or a loved one a walker!