Memorial Weekend

Thank you service men and woman that have gone above and beyond to serve our country! Thank you !

Every year since Dusty and I have been married we have spent Memorial weekend in Connerville on Blue River with his mom’s side of the family.  It started out we would stay in campers down by the river, cook out and enjoy ALL the elements. Dusty’s grandparents, Uncle, Aunt and cousin, his dad and mom and his sister and her family would all be there and accounted for.  The Connerville cemetery fundraiser dinner was always Memorial weekend on Saturday and it was tradition while his grandparents were living to go and say hi to all the neighbors on Blue River and support the cemetery fund. Dusty’s great grandparents and other distant relatives were buried in that cemetery so it was important for his grandpa and grandma to support that good cause.  Since we lost Dusty’s dad 8 years ago going to Connervile and going to the cemetery has a whole new meaning on Memorial weekend. We go enjoy Blue River still, we get to stay in the air conditioned house now and cook in the kitchen but the memorial part is more meaningful! Remember your loved ones this weekend that have fought for our country and others that have been in our families and touched our lives some how one way or another. More importantly enjoy the time you have with your loved ones right in the here and now!  

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